ReadItFor.Me – Read Faster Starting Right Now!

ReadItFor.Me – Read Faster Starting Right Now!

Read faster with ReadItFor.Me.

Every professional should be interested in reading faster. Every day you get dozens if not hundreds of emails and every week new articles are published that you need to know about, and new books you need to read come out almost every day.

Reading faster means optimizing more of your most precious commodity, time.
If that sounds good to you, then I have a GREAT find for you.

ReadItFor.Me is a website to help people like us learn the main ideas of books (mainly business-related) without having to actually read them. I enjoy reading, and I will still read full books from cover to cover for enjoyment. But reading Business books is different than reading for enjoyment.

When you read a business book, you need to get to the meat of it, and gain understanding of the main points the author is making quickly. You don’t need all the fluff and fill.

ReadItFor.Me allows me to bypass the “book fill,” and get to the main ideas of a book in less than 15 minutes!

Imagine a book club where someone else does all of the work and then gives you all the main points. “Cliff notes” if you will.
Will you gain as much understanding of the book as if you read the whole thing? I do. And I think you will too, because of how it works.

The way ReadItFor.Me works is it uses both video and audio to summarize each book. They also provide a “workbook” that gives the reader the opportunity to use the techniques described in the book immediately after in hopes of better retention.
It works, and via this website you can get through one business book per night. I have to say that I still retain almost as much as if I spent hours/days reading the book cover-to-cover or listening to an audio book.

I much prefer this method to audiobooks, and it works way better for me. I just don’t have the attention span to stay focused after eight hours of a one-way conversation.
So check out the site. If you are running up against a lack of time to learn, I encourage you to give ReadItFor.Me a try.

*Power tip: Use ReadItFor.Me to listen to the summaries via bluetooth in your car during your commute. Or during your workout at the gym. Or even during your lunch break. While they don’t have a mobile site the summaries are still accessible and provide a great learning opportunity.




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