Power Lead System Review 2017

Power Lead System Review 2017

Lead Lightning and The Power Lead System

Pre-Launched in 2013, the Power Lead System (PLS) offers their members and affiliates the opportunity to get paid for sharing their program and gives you all the tools and training you’ll need to do just that.

This is quite simply the easiest online marketing program for a beginner to make money online I’ve ever seen.  Let’s take a closer look at what it’s all about.

With the PLS System:

You can generate your own customer and sales leads to build your business sales funnel.
Have access to one of the most important elements of generating leads and building your list: a FREE offer that adds VALUE.

A critical step in online marketing is mastering how to generate leads and starting and continuing to build your own list with a FREE Valuable Offer. This is a gift from Power Lead System that continues to grow and something that all Marketers want and need.

Lead Lightning
Lead Lightning
Enhance your online marketing to establish a buyer’s list, and create a sales list to gain and build your reputation and attention. Lead Lightning is the first step you can take to get real results for the small investment of $7 to create your own lead funnel.

WHY Choose Lead Lightening?

  • The already made sales funnel generates a $6 commission immediately for all sign-ups with built in up-sells and ongoing residual commissions. This saves you the time and hard work of figuring out how to build a sales funnel on your own.
  • Use the funnel to promote itself or any product of your preference. This gives you some creative control and individuality to tailor it to your niche market and make even more money here.
  • Guided training and easy instructions teach you how to advertise your own link.
  • Super low initial investment of only $7.00.

With success for many years by Network Marketers, the same tools will work for any business, giving you the option of creating a video that highlights your website and contents while promoting PLS. The creation of Lead Capture Pages and Email marketing gives you the time to focus on other areas. Let the PLS system tell your business’ story and attract your target audience and tell them how your business is ready to provide value and solutions to their needs.

Your Lead Capture Pages will set the tone for your marketing and provide the resource to add their Contact Information with the Auto-Responder Series. Including an action and follow-up page in every Email that brings them to you.

The Power Lead Systems Simple Proven Success System includes:

The Lead Capture Page draws the customers’ interest in to want more information. You can create an unlimited number of these pages to target specific audiences or demographics and appeal to many different needs. If you are not using more than one lead capture page, you are losing sales every day. This is the first component in your sales funnel. You could have pages tailored for Students, Senior Citizens, Health and Wellness and any subject you can think of. You want to appeal to the widest markets you can.

A Sales Page invites the customer to buy the product or service with a Call to Action and the offer. You could periodically add a coupon for a % discount or offer to pay for or share the cost of shipping. Make sure your vendor agrees with this and will help you comply.

A built in AutoResponder and multiple Email Campaigns to stay in touch with your customers by capturing their email address and contact information for use in future ad campaigns and new opportunities to sell your products. It commonly takes more than one exposure before a customer will purchase and a planned and targeted email campaign keeps your information fresh with new email offers. Remind them who you are, what you do and why your product is the best to buy for their needs. Provide quality reviews and examples of how your product is better. You can include discounts or free offers for purchases such as ebooks or valuable tips on using your product.

With the included FREE Lead system you will find many cool Lead capture pages to use so you can start to generate your own leads immediately.

What do you pay for?

Free Lead System Forever: Build your list of leads for any purpose or business. No commissions.
Lead Lightning: A Basic System with a full Sales Funnel to upsell products. One time fee $7 – Commissions 85% up to $526.
Silver: Upgrade from Lead Lightning with training and courses to learn how to market. $29.97/Mo Residual Commission $15/mo
Gold: The most complete marketing system on the internet. A center to market as many businesses as you want, with a leveraged commission system. $30/mo for the system plus $23.97 for the affiliate program. (Includes all the above products)
Customer: This is Gold without the affiliate addition for those who just want to use the system for any business and even for clients. $30/mo ($1 per day!
Diamond: Only for Gold members. Learn about solos and co-ops up to thousands of dollars without spending more money. $147 One Time. Commissions $100 and overrides $25
Platinum: Only for Gold Members. Complete Facebook marketing and.huge video library of study cases. $497 One time. – Commissions $400 and overrides $50


They have an excellent commission structure and sales tools I consider to be of good value. There are different levels, and you can choose what will fit your needs best. Take a look at the comparison video below;

PLS is explained as a business in a box. The Power Lead System is a marketing system that provides access to what they say are the “most powerful marketing tools today”. The key is they provide access to these tools, but they haven’t actually created them as I understand it but grouped these tools together and will give you access to use them or resell this package to others.

To summarize what is included within the Power Lead System…
Capture Pages.
• Included Autoresponder.
• Video Training.
• Starting Power Lead System Google Hangouts.

Full advantage of the training is recommended.

PLS provides solid marketing training and some solid marketing tools with the right to resell this product to others. In the back office of PLS, you will be given access to additional training and tools designed to help you promote the program to make money.

The difference that makes it work is YOU. Will YOU follow the step-by-step instructions, sign up, and make a concerted effort?

If you do, you will make money. If you don’t, you won’t. That’s the simple truth.

Remember, you only need to sign up ONE person like me and if that is all you did you would still make money!
Power Lead System

Also in the Back Office you will find a readied marketing system. WHAT you decide to promote is entirely up to you. It has a selection of ready to go splash pages so all you need to do is just sign up and drive traffic. But you can also build your own splash pages with the system and promote anything else you might be interested in.

My Final Verdict

I joined the Power Lead System so I could recoup the cost of building my marketing list, and because I like the landing pages and built-in autoresponders and how it promotes itself AND any other business you like. It has worked very well for me, not only paying my advertising costs to build my list, but generating a nice 2nd income for me as well. And I believe it will work just as well for you as it does for me, so I highly recommend it.

AS ALWAYS, do your research and know everything you can about any program before your join. Take advantage of free trials before you spend money, and decide for yourselfif the program is a good fit for you. It is your time and your money and the best way to avoid a SCAM is to be informed and pay attention.

Bottom line – this program gets TWO THUMBS UP from me!




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