Facebook Brand Page Essential Tips for Marketers pt 4

Facebook Brand Page Essential Tips for Marketers pt 4

Facebook Brand Page Essential Tips (part 4)

9. Respond to comments on your page.

Don’t forget about comments, you’ll need to keep an eye on your page and respond to comments made by visitors. You can do this easily by using the “notifications” tab at the top of the page. You probaly won’t want to respond to every comment you recieve, but you definitely want to keep watch on what conversations are happening there, and respond as needed.

10. Now the fun part..Promote, Promote, Promote.

Once you get some useful content on your page, it’s time to spread the word and let the world know about your fantastic new brand page.

There’s a lot of ways to promote your page, but this is a basic tips article so we’ll focus on the built into Facebook easy way for now (don’t worry, I’ll cover other ways in later articles). So let’s create a Facebook ad promoting your page.

Start by clicking the three dots at the top menu bar above your posts and select “Create Ad.” after that, you can start creating your Facebook ad based on your objective — you can use things like traffic, reach, or general brand awareness. Choose yours, then scroll down and click “continue.”
facebook campaign objective

Once you’ve chosen your objective, you’ll need to choose your target audience, How much you’re willing spend, and where you want Facebook to put your ad. Here is a link to learn more about budgeting your Facebook ads.

You may also be asked to add some more copy, or assets. So something high quality that grabs attention and represents your brand well.

11. Last but not least, measure your success.

At the top of your page you’ll see a tab marked Insights. Clicking that tab will take you to Facebooks ad metrics page where you can measure things like Reach, Likes, Followers, Page Views, Post Engagements, etc. Here, you can able to analyze the demographics of your Page audience, and the demographics of people engaging with your page and posts once you reach a certain threshold,.

This can be especially useful to help you modify your content strategy to publish more of what’s working, and less of what’s not.

That’s it for now. This article should help you complete the first step of marketing on Facebook, the brand page. Stay tuned for more to come. Or better yet, subscribe and get all the latest posts to my blog. 🙂

This was the final post of my 4 post series Facebook Branding Page Essential Tips. You can read the other three posts here;
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