About Me


I grew up in what was then a small town in California (are there any small towns left in California?), by my Grandparents. Having come from the “Greatest Generation” who survived both the “Great Depression” (don’t know what was so “Great” about it.), and World War 2, they had a sense of values instilled in them that are much less common today. Values like hard work, personal responsibility, honesty and integrity, always playing fair in life and business, and most importantly “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
Fortunately for me, even though I forgot most of them in my rebellious teen years, they were able to instill those values deep in me as well. Even when I was making all the mistakes of youth we sometimes have to make in order to learn who NOT to be, I stayed true to most of the things I was taught, especially about treating others fairly, and with respect. And I learned early on that the thing that made me truly happy deep down was to be of service to others. I became the “go to” guy for anyone I could. Need a ride in the middle of the night?, call me, I’ll give you a ride. Car broken? Call me I’ll help fix it. Just need a shoulder to cry on? I can listen all day.
I continued on being of service later in life when my bad decisions left me homeless for a few years, I volunteered in the food banks, churches and missions helping to provide meals to people who lacked the resources to feed themselves and their families. It became a passion with me , and it’s become my long term goal. I am going to build an Aquaponics farm to raise food to be distributed amongst the food banks, and missions, and churches to provide meals to anyone who is in dire straights and needs them. This will take a LOT of money, which brings me to this website…
I’ve become a sponsor in an Internet Marketing Community dedicated to providing coaching and mentoring to newbies to teach them everything they need to achieve their financial goals and more happiness in their personal lives. And in the process this community is helping me obtain my financial goals as well, so I can build my farm. It’s an awesome experience being personally mentored by coaches with years of experience helping you step by step to learn and apply all the skills necessary to make a fortune on the internet. Along the way, as I learn more things, and get better at marketing, I will share some of the tips and skills I learn here to help other newbies in their search for marketing mastery. The more people I help, the more help I receive, the ultimate win-win. Can you think of a better way to become wealthy?
And along the way, if you feel you’d like more in depth learning, and to be coached personally by an Internet millionaire, or if you’d like some more information on the mentoring community I’m a member of, feel free to Sign Up with your email and watch a short video all about it.