Simple 4 step plan to becoming an internet millionaire.

Simple 4 step plan to becoming an internet millionaire.

Want to make a million dollars on the Internet?

Here’s a simple 4 step plan that you can use to get there that’s been proven over and over again.

Step 1. Get a business license for taxes.
First thing you’ll want to do is get a business license. Having a business license allows you to deduct everything you spend on your business like affiliate fees, advertising costs, credit card payments on biz expenses, office supplies, internet bill, new computer, home office, etc., and it usually only costs less than $100/year for one. Talk to your accountant about deductions you can take and you’ll see why I recommend a biz license. It’s almost as good as a second income when you see how much it can save you on your taxes.
Personally I think everyone should have some kind of home business for tax reasons.
An LLC is even better, but that’s a little advanced for right now.

Step2. Choose your niche.
I’m not going to get into this too much here, whole chapters can be written about “how to choose your niche”. Without going too much into detail, “choosing your niche” simply means to decide what type of products or services you’re going to sell. For example you could sell weight loss products, or pet supplies, or business opportunities, etc. Basically you want to find a subject that you are interested in and like to talk about,(this is a “niche”) and then look and see if there are products in that niche that people are buying. IF the answer is yes, then you’ve found a saleable niche. Time to start building your list and marketing it.

Step 3.Build your marketing list.
If you’ve been around any internet marketing forums, or groups, you’ve probably heard someone say “The money is in the list.” But what is a marketing list, and why is there money in it? A marketing list is just a collection of people (contacts) who are interested in what you are selling. For example, maybe you’re selling sleeping pills. You could just put out an ad online for your product, and maybe get some sales. A shotgun approach you might say. But what if you had a list of insomniacs who have bought sleeping pills before? Then you could send emails about your product to only those insomniacs. More of a laser focused approach. Which one do you think will have better results? And not only that, but with this list you can later promote sleep masks, more comfortable pillows, memory foam mattresses, etc, etc. You can market to that list over and over again any product that helps people sleep. Over time each person on that list could be worth hundreds of dollars to you. Now you see why “The money is in the list.” It’s a gold mine.

But building a list can get expensive if done wrong. You’ll need a “sales funnel” to build a list. A “sales funnel” Is just a “landing page” connected to an “autoresponder” that collects email addresses before sending prospects to a “sales page”. And you’ll need people to come to your landing page (traffic) to sign up and become leads for your business. The landing page will require a website and domain name. That’s usually about $20/year.
Autoresponders like Aweber and Getresponse charge monthly fees based on how many contacts you have in your lists, and can be upwards of $50/mo. or more. If you don’t know html, you’ll want a landing page builder. That’s another $10 or $20 a month. You’ll need ad tracking to monitor the results of your ads. Another $10 mo. And finally you’ll need the aforementioned “traffic”. That’s a biggie. Paid traffic can cost upwards of a dollar a click. And can add up quickly. Using paid traffic I have spent as much as $100 for each customer I acquire for my businesses. And $10 a lead is common. (Not all leads turn into conversions, hence the high cost of acquisition) You can use free traffic to build your list quite successfully. I know many people who do. But it takes a long time to get a business going that way, and many people will just give up before they become successful out of impatience and frustration at the time and effort involved. I certainly never had the patience for it.

OR you can do it “right” and sign up for a complete all in one marketing platform that includes everything I just mentioned for a LOT less money. The one I recommend is the “Power Lead System“. It has everything I just mentioned and more for only $53/mo. And it includes an affiliate program that allows you to generate a residual income to pay for all your paid marketing to bring traffic to your landing page. So instead of spending $5 or $10 per lead, you can actually make a profit while you build your list even using paid advertising. “Power Lead System” could be the difference between going broke, and becoming an internet millionaire. It really is that powerful. And getting paid to generate leads with paid advertising will build your business blazingly fast compared to free marketing methods. 🙂

Step 4. Market products you’ve tested to your list.
Now after a few months have gone by, (or faster with a program like “Power Lead System“) and you’ve managed to get a few hundred names of “buyers” and “leads” on your contact list, you can begin to pull some money out of your list by marketing directly to your contacts. This is the ultimate “free marketing”. Marketing to your list is nothing more than sending emails about products you’re selling to your contacts. (it gets a little more complicated, but that’s essentially correct, and copywriting/creating autoresponder campaigns is beyond the scope of this article.) It’s completely free, and since you’re selling to a list of people already interested in what you’re selling, conversion rates can be very high. Just don’t burn out your list by overdoing it, once or twice a month is plenty, and never, ever sell anything you haven’t tried personally and feel comfortable recommending. Nothing will kill a list faster than being dishonest with them. You’ll be labeled a “scammer” (rightfully so) and be out of business so fast it will make your head spin. It’s not worth it, so just don’t do it.

You’ll never want to stop building your list, no matter how big it gets, so you can have a steady stream of fresh leads. But once you get a good size list built you’ll make most of your money from that. For example, say you have a list of 100,000 names. And once a month you sell good quality products that average about $30 in price. And say you only get a 5% conversion rate. That would be 5000 sales at $30 or $150,000 in sales each and every month. And imagine if you will, that every once in a while you find a great opportunity for a product that has a monthly subscription. Subscriptions could be 100k a month every month even without additional sales. That’s leverage. Remember “The money is in the list”.

And if you originally started your business by joining a program like “Power Lead System“, then by the time you have that many names on your list, you’ll be making thousands of dollars every month from residual commissions on top of all your other efforts.

Imagine how nice it will be to have all the money you need to do anything you want. How great will that be?

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